Fix Leaking Water Valve

fix leaking water valve
    water valve
  • An electro-mechanical device that opens a valve to allow water to flow. The electric current causes a magnetic field to develop, in the solenoid coil, which then moves a metallic plunger. The plunger in turn opens the valve. May also be called a FILL VALVE.
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Water leak: before - through the ceiling; after - overflowing outside
Water leak: before - through the ceiling; after - overflowing outside
The overflow had become disconnected from the cold water tank (thank you loft insulation installers!). The ball on the end of the ball-valve had "deflated". Hence, after being away for a few days at the beginning of October, the water build up in the tank then overflowed into the bedroom ceiling. It's not been a problem since (because I've used water every day; or switched it all off when we went away), so I've been happy to wait 5 weeks for it to get fixed. Aside: yes, my overflows (the other is for the central heating header tank) exit above my front door.
vanity 02
vanity 02
Honey - could you please fix the leaking faucet in the bathroom? I went to shut off the water, and the valve handle fell apart. So I waited almost a year to begin the work because I knew in my heart-of-hearts that I was going to end up gutting the bathroom. Little did I know that I would also end up having all the galvanized supply line replaced, as well as reworking a good deal of the electrical wiring.

fix leaking water valve
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