Point Sentence Outline Example

Student Example 1

English 101

15 April 2012


The Octopus: Technology's Tentacles (a working title)


Technology has helped us in many avenues of life; however, there needs to be a line drawn to determine when technology has taken over our lives. (You will develop this further in your draft of the outline. Feel free to put as much of the introduction here as you would like.)


Technology has come a long way! Technology is used for pretty much every aspect of life. Cell phones are not just for talking on now. We use our cell phones for communication, organization, planning, and so much more. We use our computers for education, work, entertainment, and more. Our government, our hospitals, and our schools use technology every day to improve our lives. Technology is developing faster and faster. When you buy a computer and it finally breaks down you cannot find parts for it because they have invented newer computers. TV’s have changed from tube to digital, so if your tube TV breaks it will most likely be cheaper to buy a new one.

1st Sub-Claim

Technology has worked its way into education; therefore, students these days cannot complete school work without using technology.

Ten years ago there was a workshop that was reported about introducing information technology into classrooms. They people involved in the workshop concluded that there was an opportunity to improve learning using information technology. (Pritchard, Gail E. Improving Learning with Information Technology: Report of a Workshop. Washington, DC: National Academies Press, 2002. AWC Online Library. eBook.)

This citation will help me show how just ten years ago we were introducing technology into schools, and this citation will help prove that technology is producing rapidly.

A documentary of three students going without a computer for a month has shown that school work is a tough accomplishment without technology, and in some cases school work is impossible to submit without technology.

This citation will help me prove that students and faculty have developed a reliance on technology for school to function properly.

2nd Sub-Claim

Technology has improved our fast pace lifestyles; however, if we are not careful the technology that we love so much can hinder our quality of life.

This source talks about how teenagers think differently because they were born in an age of information technology. Their questions are answered by a click of the mouse. Direct human contact is not necessary, and people are addicted to the internet.

(Watson Richard. Future Minds: How the Digital Age is Changing Our Minds, Why this Matters and What We Can Do about it. Yarmouth, ME: Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2010. AWC Online Library. eBook.)

This citation will help me demonstrate that we are dependent on information technology mentally. We would struggle if we were unable to use information technology.

Technology is used in our every day activities, and we do not think of what would happen if technology failed us. Information can be taken from the very technology we love to use. “When Technology works well, we experience a rush of control and satisfaction with our decisions to use them; but when they fail us, we can sometimes feel frustrated, annoyed, and helpless (114). (Hanson, Jarice. Twenty-four Seven. Wesport, CT: Praeger Publishers, 2007. Print.)

This citation will help me point out that even though we love to use our information technology devices, they can backfire on use.

3rd Sub-Claim

The medical field has tremendously improved our way of living; however, we spend more on technology then improving every day medicine.

Yuma Regional Medical Center is going digital with all of their medical records. There will be less paper waist, and personal medical records will be easier to access. The only downfall would be if a patient does not have internet access. (Ruhl, Ed. Personal interview. 11 March 2012)

This citation will help me point out the opposing view that technology is very helpful in the medical field.

The medical field has changed and medicine is turning into technology instead of science. The book also talks about the high price and low benefit of medical technology.

Deyo, Richard A, and Donald L. Patrick. Hope or Hype: The Obsession With the Medical Advances and the High Cost of False Promises. Saranac Lake, NY: AMACO Books, 2005. AWC Online Library. eBook.

This citation will help me point out that medical technology has improved with the introduction to technology, but it is not always worth the money.

4th Sub-Claim

The Untited States Military benefits from technology; however, the very information technology we use so much can be used harm us.

Drones are used in the military to reduce loss of lives, reduce attacks on the United States, and reduce the amount of money we use for war. (Shane, Scott, and Shanker, Thom. “Yemen Strike Reflects U.S. Shift To Drones as Cheaper War Tool.” The New York Times. 2 October 2011, U.S. ed,:A1. Print.)

This citation will help me show the appointed view that technology can help improve the United States military.

You can learn anything you want to learn on the internet. You can learn how to make a bomb, cut hair, cook, and so much more. The internet has made knowledge at the tip of our fingers. The internet is also prone to cyber terrorism, and anyone who has access to the internet can commit cyber terrorism. Cyber terrorism can take out electric grids, communication, and so on. Cybercrime: World Wide War 3.0. Films Media Group, 2008. Films On Demand. Web. 23 March 2012. http://digital.films.com/PortalPlaylists.aspx?aid=40324.

This citation will help me prove that the internet may help us learn at the click of a mouse, but it can also be used against us as a weapon. 

5th Sub-Claim

Technology is in our lives and her to stay, but we need to be held accountable for our use of it.

Technology had helped us gain power and evolve. When we have the power, are we using that power responsible? We are learning new things rapidly and inventing the next big thing. We need to learn how to be responsible with the new found knowledge to prevent the loss of our values. There should be a code of ethics when it comes to technology. Kilpatrick, Peter. “The Relationship Between Technology And Ethics.” Vital Speeches Of The Day 76.12 (2010): 567-570. Academic Search Premier. Web. 25. 2012.

This citation will help me bring the paper to an end and point out the main point I am trying to get across. We need to apply a rule of ethics to technology so it does not take away our values.


The use of technology has improved our way of living, and we do not want to take technology away. Technology has also hindered our way of life. We are addicted to technology, and there are tasks we cannot complete without technology. We need to learn when our lives have been taken over by technology. (Again, you will develop your conclusions and solutions sections more in the draft, but feel free to work them out here so that I can give as much feed back as possible if necessary.)