Final Portfolio and Final Paper Expectations

Final Researched Project Essay:
6 full, typed pages, double-spaced, 12pt. font Times New Roman, with a Works Cited page containing at least 9 sources and a  2 page, single-spaced Reflective Cover Letter discussing your writing process, the course and your final paper (See Reflective Cover Letter Handout).

The process drafts you write during the term will guide you through the research and writing, and the final project paper will be a combination and crafting of the process drafts, critical thinking and your research.

Try to analyze how thinking in-depth and questioning your own beliefs helps to shape you as an individual and how you then affect your “community” on a larger scale. How are YOU making a difference? 

It is important that you thinking critically about what message you are trying to communicate in your argument. Argument is not always about winning; it is more about make sure that you have given enough tangent information to the reader so that he/she can make an informed decision.

This course affords you the opportunity to explore in depth a subject of particular interest enriched by your own interviews and research. In the early weeks of the course, you will design a specific project suited to your interests. The final essay marks the culmination of your explorations through critical thinking, research and process writing.

In the project essay, you will present a clear main claim—that is, take a position or stand—and support that stand appropriately.

Note: Your final portfolio will consist of your final project paper with Works Cited page, a ranked bibliography, and a 1 page Reflective Cover Letter, all to be submitted electronically.