SLGR 2011

Marcin Koszowy (2011, Ed.)
Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric (De Gruyter), vol. 23(36)
This journal issue intends to give a representative sample of key strands of an inquiry into the intersection between argumentation theory and computer science. The papers of the volume discuss: (i) the state of the art of inquiry into the overlap between argumentation theory and computer science; (ii) the applications of the systems of logic in building tools for argument analysis and evaluation; (iii) the implementation of argumentation systems (such as Carneades) in the study of Artificial Intelligence; (iv) the implementation of the Argument Interchange Format as an instrument providing a universal language that allows computer scientists to unify various approaches to argument; (v) the tools (such as model checker Perseus) for measuring the quality of persuasion dialogs.

Table of contents