Katarzyna Budzynska
drawing on her international visits in the UK and US to the universities of Dundee, Rutgers and Michigan; her collaboration with 16 researchers on 4 continents in France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada and US; her strong publication performance of 31 papers over the last 4 years; and grant funding from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education is establishing a Polish school on argumentation through the ArgDiaP initiative. Budzynska was a visiting scholar at universities in the UK (12-month visit at ARG:dundee Group, School of Computing, University of Dundee 10.2009-09.2010, Ministry of Science and Higher Education Program "Support for International Mobility of Scientists") and in the US (3-month visit in the Center for Cognitive Science, Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey 6-8.2005 and 3-month visit at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 10-12.2004). She attracted over 400,000 PLN (almost 100,000 EUR) funding from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Budzynska is an author of over 40 publications. She has been cooperating with researchers such as prof. Bordini (Institute of Informatics, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), prof. Groarke (University of Windsor, Canada), prof. Reed (University of Dundee, UK), prof. Saint-Dizier (Computational Linguistics and Logic Programming, Institut de Recherches en Informatique de Toulouse, France), prof. Stede (Dept. of Linguistics, University of Potsdam, Germany), prof. van Gelder (School of Philosophy, University of Melbourne, Australia). Budzynska has been invited and funded to give talks and courses at universities in Dundee (UK),  Girona (Spain), Kiev (Ukraine), Lisbon, and Waterloo (Canada). In May 2010, she was invited to participate at a workshop which was a continuation of a project of an international consortium on a standard language of argument description AIF. Budzynska is a member of program committees for national and international conferences such as Argumentacja i racjonalna zmiana przekonań ARZP (Uniwersytet Śląski 2009); International Workshop on the Theory and Applications of Formal Argumentation TAFA (2013 Beijing, Chiny); Logic and Cognition (2012 Poznań). She is also a member of the scientific committee at COGENCY. Journal of Reasoning and Argumentation published by Diego Portales University (Santiago, Chile). Budzynska is an assistant professor in the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Magdalena Kacprzak
is an assistant professor in Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Warsaw, Department of Computer Sciences and in Bialystok Technical University, Department of Computer Sciences (Poland). She got her Ph.D. in mathematics and computer science from the University of Warsaw. For 12 years her work is mainly concerned  with modal (epistemic, doxastic, deontic, temporal, dynamic, algorithmic) logics, and formal methods with the emphasis on their application to the specification and verification of cognitive processes in multi-agent systems. Her current research is focused on model checking and parametric verification of properties of persuasive distributed systems. She builds her scientific experience on the cooperation with 13 scientists from 6 countries such as UK, US, the Netherlands and Brazil. She is an author and co-author of many papers in refereed international journals (Fundamenta Informaticae; Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric; Computational Models of Argument; Synthese) and refereed papers in proceedings of international conferences. Full list include over 50 articles (10 in JRC-listed journals, 3 in ERIH-listed journals and 21 indexed by DBLP). Her publications have attracted 238 citations (according to Google Scholar). Kacprzak was a member of programme and organising committees of three conferences Forum Informatyki Teoretycznej FIT (Bialystok 2001, Poland), Argumentacja i racjonalna zmiana przekonań ARZP (Ustroń 2009, Poland), and Concurrency Specification and Programming CS&P (Pułtusk 2011, Poland). She has been the reviewer for the international journal Fundamenta Informaticae and for international conferences: Concurrency Specification and Programming (CS&P), Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems (CLIMA), European Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems (EUMAS), Formal Approaches to Multi-Agent Systems (FAMAS). Her research was funded by the Polish State Committee for Scientific Research and the Office of Naval Research of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. In 2002-08, she was a member of the VerICS group at the Institute of Computer Science of Polish Academy of Sciences which under the supervision of Professor Wojciech Penczek works on developing a model checking tool for automatic verification of timed and multi-agent systems modeled by networks of communicating automata. In 2004, she attended lectures at Americas’ School on Agents and Multiagent Systems organized in New York (USA) by leading researchers in the field. At the same year, she was one of the finalists for the best paper award at the Third International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi Agent Systems (AAMAS) for the paper “Unbounded Model Checking for Alternating-time Temporal Logic” by M. Kacprzak and W. Penczek. In 2010, she was visiting the School of Computing at the University of Dundee (UK) where she began a collaboration with ARG: Dundee Group headed by Professor Chris Reed. The group's work focuses on the development of large-scale debate systems to be deployed as a part of the infrastructure of the WWW.  Since 2008, she  is involved in developing ArgDiaP initiative which popularize the Polish school of argumentation.