The ArgDiaP organisation provides infrastructure facilitating the networking process and fosters research on argumentation in Poland. It was founded by Katarzyna Budzynska and Magdalena Kacprzak in 2008. Initially, we concentrated on coordinating the ArgDiaP workshops. The events have attracted increasingly growing community of Polish argumentation scholars who have started to build close network of cooperation both within the community and with international researchers who attended the workshop.

This community has been then continuously supporting existing ArgDiaP activities and also initiating new ones. This led to the formation of the national research movement -- the Polish School of Argumentation. Recently, fifty five authors (Budzynska et al. 2014) published Manifesto which lays the foundations of the School's research programme.

In April 2015, ArgDiaP developed a more robust organisational structure which is aimed to better support the variety of activities coordinated by the argumentation community in Poland. The organisation is run by five departments, responsible for science, communication, cooperation, undergraduate and graduate studies, and by the steering committee responsible for coordination, coherence and effectiveness of our actions.