Welcome to the webpage of the ArgDiaP organisation - a Polish nationwide initiative dedicated to the issues of argumentation, dialogue and persuasion. Established in 2008, ArgDiaP has been continuously providing infrastructure facilitating the networking process and fosters research on argumentation in Poland, including the research of the Polish School of Argumentation. The School integrates various disciplines and institutions across Poland in which scholars are dedicated to understanding the phenomenon of the force of argument. Recently, fifty five authors (Budzynska et al. 2014) have declared its Manifesto which sets up the foundations of the School's research programme.

ArgDiaP pursues to achieve its goals through several activities. The strong focus is placed on coordinating events where scholars from different disciplines has an opportunity to exchange ideas. Our flag event is the ArgDiaP workshops that has been organised since 2008 interchangeably as Polish- and English-language editions. We foster publication initiatives: such as ArgDiaP series in the SLGR journal, the special issues of the journals such as Argumentation or Informal Logic, and (soon to be initiated) series of books promoting argumentation theory in Poland. ArgDiaP also coordinates activities in education, such as the IGSAR graduate school, aiming to support the young generation of Polish researchers.