Argumentation, Dialogue, Persuasion

NEW [Oct 2014]: Call for participation at MET-ARG 2014: The 1st International Workshop for Methodologies for Research on Legal Argumentation: 10 December 2014, Jagiellonian University, Krakow (coorganised with JURIX 2014 and CMNA 2014)


Welcome to the webpage of ArgDiaP - a Polish nationwide initiative dedicated to the issues of argumentation, dialogue and persuasion. Our main goal is to encourage interdisciplinary discussion on the processes of communication and cognition, and popularization of the topics related to argumentation theory in research community in Poland. In particular, we aim to support a network of cooperation amongst Polish argumentation researchers, and to develop increasing coherence in the work of the emerging Polish School of Argumentation.

Established in 2008, the ArgDiaP initiative is a result of cooperation between members of the ZeBRaS research group of formal applied rhetoric. Since 2008, we have been organizing a series of biannual one-day conference meetings. The conferences attract many researchers and students from all over Poland and from the international community. ArgDiaP also supports several research projects and publishing initiatives devoted to argumentation, dialogue and persuasion.