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Warsaw Argumentation Week, WAW 2018

posted 30 May 2018, 09:59 by Arg Diap55   [ updated 3 Aug 2018, 08:23 ]
Papers are invited to Warsaw Argumentation Week, WAW 2018 (6-16 Sept 2018) - a series of events associated with COMMA (Computational Models of Argument) and ArgDiaP (Argumentation, Dialogue, Persuasion): the 3rd Summer School on Argumentation (6-10 Sept); three COMMA workshops (11 Sept) on formal argumentation, argumentation & society, and argumentation & philosophy; the 7th COMMA conference (12-14 Sept); two workshops coorganised by ArgDiaP and the Polish Rhetorical Society (15 Sept) on legal argumentation, and rhetoric; and the 16th ArgDiaP conference (16 Sept) on "Argumentation and Corpus Linguistics".