What is this?

In 2009 I made a spreadsheet and kept updating it and sending it out to other moms with first graders as envelopes were opened and class assignments were shared by email and phone.  I thought, "Next year I am doing a website with a spreadsheet so people can enter their own data...and K-5 could all be on it." (plus I am kinda lazy too with 2 kids at Westchase now). So I made it, and here it is.


What do I do?

Go to this homepage and enter info once you get your child's new classroom assignment.

Send this link to anyone who might be interested in finding out the names of classmates before the "Meet and Greet":




Is it private? Secure?

Well...Yes and No. The results you enter won't be on this public website. They will be posted on a special webpage address with a long "gobbledygook" address that will be emailed to you on Aug 8th or 8th, or whenever we get our assignments in the mail.


For security and privacy, it will be available from Aug 8 until Aug 31, then the sheet will be erased until next year.


 For privacy and security, the actual "Class Assignments" results link is only accessible via direct link to keep it private and unpublished.


Please do not post the long results link on Facebook or on a blog where Google could index it. Email only!