Add Your Child's New Class Info!

"Are you in my class?" A common question around Westchase in August.  Emails are flying...cell phones ringing, Facebook explodes, as the official "Teacher Assignments" come in the mail. Solution: just enter your child's information, and you will get access to the hidden webpage  link to see new classmates. You can arrange a playdate before school starts! 

Sure relieves that "Will I know anyone?" stress for your child. To add  info to the list, fill out the "Add Your Child's Info" link in the yellow box below. When you send it, it will be automatically added to the "hidden link" spreadsheet. You can't see/get to the results page from here: you have to get the "Results Link" via email or the confirmation page. 
Tuesday, August 18, 2015 Update    Closing in on 450 students added already! Please share with your friends too. It only works if everyone participates! 

Are You in My Class? 2015