Mindfulness Club

Student Leader(s):

  • TBD

Faculty Advisor:

  • Mr. Jordan - djordan@areteprepacademy.org

Club Mission Statement:

The Mindfulness Club helps students to become more mindful of their inner and outer worlds in order to gain deeper self-knowledge, strengthen focus and attention, develop emotional awareness, and manage stress and anxiety. During second quarter we will be working our way through an 8 week MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) program, learning practical meditative techniques that we will be able to carry into our daily life. During the third quarter we will continue to reinforce these early techniques while focusing on developing a life of inner quiet and on understanding the vital role that meditation and contemplation have played throughout the Western tradition from Aristotle to today.

Meeting Location and Time:

  • TBD

Club Dues:

  • $20 for year