Winlink 2000

Using RMS express to send digital messages via the Winlink2000 system.

Our served agencies are using email and other digital means such as E-Teams.
They are requesting (some now requiring) we provide everything in writing as well, and provide a log of our operations.
To do this "by hand" is time consuming and tedious. Also by using RMS express to send emails you now have a log of your operations, because RMS express keeps copies of everything you send and receive. Whether it was sent via Telnet, Packet, Pactor, Winmor or Peer to Peer.
We need all of you to download and install this software and use it.
Lets get you working with RMS express using the telnet option, and we will get the radio's to work with your setup in the future.
Another benefit: you do not need to be sitting next to the radio continuously. You'll never need to worry about missing a message, it will be there to retrieve anytime.
The video below is a good primer, it discusses the use of Telnet. Watch 1st then see the notes listed below.

NOTES: during drills and activations DO NOT sent reports or messages to ( the address in the video) the folks in Texas might find what's going on here interesting, but is is not going to do us any good !
Send all drill and activation messages TO: and CC:, both of us, in all messages sent.
Also do not forget to include your EC or DEC in the message, if your county does not list any EC or DEC for where you reside, then just send to us.

Other operational Notes:
//WL2K to be used 1st in the subject line when sending to or from all terrestrial email accounts.
25 to 30K max message and attachment sizes
Instead of using Word or Excel, use a basic text editor such as notepad.
Use a attachment when sending HIPAA information.
Always try sending your message via telnet 1st.

RMS express works on Windows XP and up
If you are using a Windows 2000 or earlier machine, then use Airmail instead
RMS express does work with a Mac in a VMWare partition running windows XP
RMS Express and Airmail does work with "Wine" on a Ubuntu or linux box too.
This is geared more towards the use of packet and Winmor, a HF protocol
for over the air transmission of "radio email"  

Some VHF 2 meter RMS Relay stations for NNJ area
K2GE-10 on 145.050 Sayerville, NJ
WB2FTX-10 on 145.010 Northen NNJ
N2NSA-10 on 145.050 NY, NY
WA2GUG-10 on 145.050 NY, NY
NY3J-10 on 145.610 in Philadelphia, PA
If your in Southern NNJ you can digi through W2GSA-2 on 145.050 ( use via ) to WB2FTX-10