Ham Radio Clubs in NNJ

This is a list of Ham Radio Clubs in NNJ, If you'd like to see your club posted on this page, or to correct any errors.
Please send a email to k2so@arrl.org
Note: the list is not yet complete
 Club Name Web Site
 Amateur Radio Communication Service CORPS - ARCSCORPS www.arcscorps.org
 Bergen Amateur Radio Association - BARA www.bara.org
 Cherryville Repeater Association II - CRAII www.qsl.net/w2cra
 East Coast DX Association - ECDXA www.ecdxa.org
 Garden State Amateur Radio Association - GSARA www.gardenstateara.org
 Marconi Chapter 138 QCWA userpages.monmouth.com/~eroswell/qcwa138.htm
 Metroplex Amateur Radio Club - MARC www.metroplex.org
 New Providence Amateur Radio Club www.nparc.org
 North Jersey DX Assoication - NJDXA www.njdxa.org
 Ocean Monmouth Amateur Radio Club www.n2mo.org
 Raritan Bay Radio Amateurs - K2GE www.qrz.com/db/K2Ge
 Raritan Vally Radio Club - RVRC www.w2qw.org
 Roseland Radio Club - IRAC www.qsl.net/k2gq
 Somerset County Amateur Radio Society - SCARS www.qsl.net/scars
 SplitRock Amateur Radio Assoication - SARA www.splitrockara.org
 Sussex County Amateur Radio Club - SCARC www.scarcnj.org
 10-70 Repeater Assoication, Inc - 10-70 RA www.10-70.org
 The Electronic Technology Society of NJ. www.qsl.net/k2ets
 Tri-County Radio Assoication - TCRA www.w2li.org
 West Essex ARC - WEARC www.wearc.org
 Morris Radio Club www.morrisradioclub.org
 Ramapo Mountain Amateur Radio Club www.qsl.net/rmarc