Book of The Arbitrator

There was a shimmer of light and sparks flying in all directions as the las-bolt, intended for Sha'mryl Dakkar's head hit the corner of the old factorium. He quickly jumped back behind the building and muttered a thousand curses; someone was here alright. He turned to the hulking brute on his side.
"Seems that someone wanted me life, ol' friend."
The hulking figure simply grunted as he switched off the safety to his autostubber; a lowpitched grumble kicked in as the weapons auto cyclers were engaged.
"How many d'ya reckon... and who?"
Sha'mryl Dakkar flicked around the corner of the building and fired blindly in the general direction from where the shots had come from. Nearly a microsecond later a veritable fusilade of las-bolts peppered the corner of the building. Then there was high-pitched metallic shriek and loud crashes of metal hitting metal.
"Frak... It's the Mining Crews! I'd reckon some five of'em 'oled up in that building yonder. Give us a pepper, Mr. Jeeves, if you please."
The hulking brute smiled, and deftly switched position with Sha'mryl. Moments later, the autostubber cycled into action as hundreds of high-calibre shells blasted through the rockcrete walls opposite them. The abandoned factorium site was active once more...


This is just a holding page for people to download the first edition version of the Book of the Arbitrator houserules for Necromunda that I've currently working on. 

The rulebook can be downloaded following the link given below (attachments to this page). 

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What is this page all about:
For a long time I've been looking for a game that allowed me to play skirmish games, set in the weird and wonderful setting of Warhammer 40.000. And for the longest time, this search was fruitless. Then came the whole =][=-Munda movement on DakkaDakka, and I was sold. But having found no ruleset that I really liked, I set out to modify the basic necromunda rules. At first it was simple alterations, and then it grew into a whole lot more.

For any discusion of these rules, check out the Book of the Arbitrator thread over on The Eastern Fringe, or send me an email on the adress given above. 
Torben Kastbjerg,
3 May 2011, 00:48