Calorie Counter Food Diary

calorie counter food diary
    calorie counter
  • The calorie is a pre-SI metric unit of energy. It was first defined by Nicolas Clement in 1824 as a unit of heat, entering French and English dictionaries between 1841 and 1867. In most fields its use is archaic, having been replaced by the SI unit of energy, the joule.
    food diary
  • Dieting is the practice of ingesting food in a regulated fashion to achieve or maintain a controlled weight. In most cases dieting is used in combination with physical exercise to lose weight in those who are overweight or obese.
  • A July 2008 study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, showed dieters who keep a daily food diary (or diet journal) of what they eat lose twice as much weight as those who do not.
calorie counter food diary - Mealformation Software
Mealformation Software v4 Win Basic - 5 Profiles, single computer
Mealformation Software v4 Win Basic - 5 Profiles, single computer
Mealformation is software designed to facilitate a healthy and sustainable weight management program. The application provides the information that you need to develop individualized meal plans, based on your food preferences, with nutritional data visible at a glance. To get started with Mealformation, you'll need to complete a personal profile. This component determines dietary allowances based on your age, sex, weight and activity level. You then use the food database for managing your recipes, meal plans and menu plans. If you can't find a particular recipe in the database, you can easily add your own. Finally, there is the menu management component for creating and tracking food diaries. It's here where you select food items and recipes for all meals of the day. The program calculates the nutritional values from each food diary and compares the data against your personal profile. Ideally, you will be able to eat the foods that you enjoy within the limits of your personal profile values. The Mealformation Basic version was designed for individual users; it accommodates five (5) profiles on a single computer. To find out how to download our free demo, send email to

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iPhone Home Screen (2010-09-07)
iPhone Home Screen (2010-09-07)
Changed the background for a change of scenery. Looks bleak but it's a swamp in morning light and fog in New Hampshire that I shot way back when and cross-processed. There's another like it; I like them both. I added a Food Diary, Runkeeper, and Calorie Counter because I'm counting calories now to try and eat better and get fit.
Tuesday Morning Snack
Tuesday Morning Snack
Snack on Tuesday Mid-morning (for me) July 21st At about 9:30 am

calorie counter food diary
calorie counter food diary
Diet & Fitness Journal: Your Personal Guide to Optimum Health (Diary, Exercise) (Little Black Journals)
Studies show those who keep a diary and record their diet and exercise progress lose twice as much weight as those who don't. This ultimate Diet & Fitness Journal will help you retrain your brain and body to achieve those goals as you improve your physical well being and state of mind. It's also adaptable for different programs, such as Weight Watchers. The Diet & Fitness Journal includes the following:
Daily page spreads to record food consumption, exercise regimen, vitamin and supplement intake, and mood
Weekly sections to help you track your progress and refine your goals, with motivational tips
Personal training pointers and charts for creating nutritional, metabolic, and fitness targets
A nutrition index with detailed data on hundreds of common foods
A removable cover band, for those wishing a discreet log book which can be used comfortably at home, the gym, or the office
Wire-o binding that allows journal to lie flat for ease of use
A handy elastic band place holder

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