Website Links

Arizona Water Atlas - Eastern Plateau
Solar Power Water Reduction Study (Excellent!)
"The Secret to Low-Water-Use, High-Efficiency
Concentrating Solar Power"
Global Concentrating Solar Power Outlook 2009
(Packed with charts and information - 4 MB file) 
Concentrating Solar Power web page (DOE)
Industrial Wind Action Group
Northern Arizona University -
Arizona Wind Working Group
National Wind Coordinating Collaborative
National Wind Watch
Recording of Wind Turbine Noise
Wind Turbine Shadow Flicker - Byron, Wisconsin
Youtube - many videos about hazards and problems with "wind turbines"
Cedar Hills Vision Statement and Land Use Plan
Espiritu Loci Wind and Solar Project website:
Note: the information presented there is disclaimed as
conceptual only (see the last page of each application document)
and the maps may contain errors.

BLM Environmental Assessment for Dry Lake
(PDF file) Click here
Iberdrola Renewables Dry Lake II webpage
Many informative documents are here: