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Meeting April 12, 2010:

posted Mar 11, 2010, 11:08 AM by Arena Webmaster   [ updated Apr 10, 2010, 10:53 AM ]

       ARENA Public Meeting Featuring ADEQ's Byron James

                               Monday, April 12, 6-8 pm
                              Room 101, Learning Center
                        Northland Pioneer College, Snowflake
Most of us are aware that this part of Northeastern Arizona is blessed with
abundant clean air and water.  We not only have rivers and lakes, but also
a living aquifer that allows our communities, ranches and business to
thrive despite the low rainfall of our high desert climate.  But have you
ever considered the potential threats to our air and water from existing
and proposed heavy industry, confined animal feeding operations, municipal
sewage, mining and other sources of air and water pollution? Have you ever
wondered how such threats are identified and controlled in order to keep
our air and water unpolluted?  Or asked yourself which agencies make the
laws, issue the permits and, if necessary, oversee/enforce compliance?
How, in fact, is a pollutant defined and what constitutes a Major Point
Source of air or water pollution?
Don't miss this chance to find out more about the programs and agencies
that are working to protect the purity of our local air and water!
The ARENA meeting on April 12 offers you a chance to meet with a
representative from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
in order to learn the answers to many of these and other questions of
importance to all who live in this area. Byron James, Community Liaison
for Northeastern Arizona in St. Johns, will present information on
ADEQ programs and requirements, including air and water permit programs,
and answer questions about environmental permitting for the types of
operations of interest to area residents.