"Groundwater Supply Sustainability Assessment for the Coconino Aquifer - Snowflake/Concho"
A presentation by Kristine Uhlman, Registered Geologist,
Water Resources Research Center,  University of Arizona,
given at Northland Pioneer College, Snowflake, on
April 26, 2011.
Click here to download or view the PowerPoint presentation:
Click here for a flier with more details of the meeting:
"Industrial Wind Turbine Placement and Associated
Safety Issues"
A presentation by Eleanor A. Clark, M.D. at
Northland Pioneer College, Silver Creek Campus,
on April 26, 2010. Her PowerPoint slides are
attached near the bottom of this page, or click here
to download the file. To hear her lecture, download the
Dr_Clark.wav file below or click here. (Please allow up to
a minute for download to start.)
"Basics of Groundwater on the Colorado Plateau,
This is an educational presentation by Kristine Uhlman,
Registered Geologist, Water Resources Research
Center, University of Arizona, given to residents of
the White Mountains on Oct. 5, 2009.
We are pleased to provide a copy of the slides used
in this lecture, which covered many subjects including
types of subterranean rock and the age of water in the
aquifers throughout Arizona, which is up to 30,000
years old.
If you want to understand more about water and
aquifers, this lecture is for you!
Below is a link to the .PDF file with the lecture slides.
Please save this file to your computer, then open it:
File size: approx. 6 Megabytes.
Viewing Tip: Use the Adobe Reader magnifying glass to "Zoom In"
and enlarge the slides.
Important Links:

Water Resource Data Portal, University of Arizona
(Well Registry Database, Groundwater Site Inventory)
Water Well Database, University of Arizona
(Search for water wells here)
Arizona Well Owners' Guide to Water Supply
(Recommended reading)
We extend our thanks to David Newlin, Project Director
of the Little Colorado River Watershed Coordinating Council, for his participation and coordination to make
this event possible.
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