A report from the Holbrook Tribune News on the first of two public
     meetings held recently in Snowflake. It is called "More Answers Sought
     on Alternative Energy Farms"

     An article from the Silver Creek Herald which gives some specifications
     on the proposed facilities. Note that this article omits most
     information about the Hay Hollow Energy Project, which is about three
     times as large as the others (1,850 MW solar; 320 MW wind; 180 wind
     turbines). "Permits Are Sought for 'Energy Developments'"

     County Is Seeking More Data on Proposed Energy Farms" dated 9-9-09.
     "A Problem With Wind Power" by Eric Rosenbloom

     "You Learn Something New" by Rhoda McGuire.
     An article in Maverick magazine about Wind and Solar power
     and large water draws from the Coconino aquifer. See attachment.
Arena White Mountains,
Sep 28, 2009, 7:25 AM