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1746 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma WA

(253) 572-1029

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Hi There,  Welcome to A Renaissance Cafe.  A real flashy Web site would kind of clash with our Old School approach to our cafe.  As a result I think I'll just throw out a few tidbits and pictures and leave it at that. 

First the Disclaimers:  The humorously challanged will probably want to look elsewhere for their dining experience because funny stuff happens here????  We don't understand it and certainly can't explain it in this missive but after all these years we take it for granted and are amazed to find how many people feel instantly at home.  

  That is the essence of the atmostphere around here:

It feels like home. It is a home to the people that work here. A second home to locals who choose to grace our doors. A Home away from home for visitors from all over the world.

It should come as no suprise that we do real home cooking. Please read the attached menu to see what we offer. Please note that we hate advertisers that offer more than they deliver and particularly pictures of food that never looks as good as it does in the picture. We had the opposite problem: we couldn't make the picture look as good as the food did HAHA.


Concerned that it would clash with our luddite image, we had avoided offering WiFi. Then we figured, WiFight it? So to stay close to our populist roots, we now offer it for free.