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Tire Chain Alternatives

tire chain alternatives
  • One of two or more available possibilities
  • (alternative) option: one of a number of things from which only one can be chosen; "what option did I have?"; "there no other alternative"; "my only choice is to refuse"
  • (alternative) alternate: serving or used in place of another; "an alternative plan"
  • (alternative) necessitating a choice between mutually exclusive possibilities; "alternative possibilities were neutrality or war"
    tire chain
  • chain attached to wheels to increase traction on ice or snow
  • Snow chains, or tire chains, are devices which are affixed to the tires of vehicles to provide superior traction when driving through snow and ice.

Boy and tyre
Boy and tyre
The north of the Fouta Jalon is one of the most deprived areas in the country. The land is rock covered with barely a centimetre of earth. The roads where they exist seem more like river beds, a piste of rocks and boulders. Unsurprisingly the Fouta has some of the highest rates of child malnutrition and among the lowest schooling rates in the country. I was there to follow up on UNICEF's Health, Nutrition and Education programmes, to see how we can improve our support. When we got to the health centres the shelves of the pharmacy where half empty. Not great if you have malaria and the nearest alternative is a days walk away. With the government we have an initiative to restock all the rural health centres in the country with essential drugs, but without a root branch reform of the health systems supply chain it is a stopgap solution. Koubia Prefecture is a hard place to move around in. To get to the health centre we were visiting we took about 2 hours to cover 60km, stopping to cross with a hand winched barge and having to take a motorcycle for the last kilometre when a truck, stuck in the mud, blocked the only passage way. In four days of driving i cannot have seen more than a dozen other vehicles and those the big trucks that carry goods and people from village to village. Given the isolation not surprisingly they don't get many people passing through; the children look out with a mixture of fear and curiosity not sure how to place themselves when confronted with a camera. In such a tough land, solidarity is more than a virtue it is a necessity. People get together to work each others fields on the big jobs, clearing the fields and hoeing the land. We stopped to chat to an old man, who had gathered his neighbours together to work the fields with foniou; later they would share a meal. We are also building schools throughout the region. School enrolment rates are low here, parents want to send their kids to school but in many villages the nearest school is 3 or 4 hours walk away too far for the younger children and a worry for girls. By building 12 schools in Koubia prefecture and 22 in nearby Mali over the next two years we hope to make a difference.
Historic Route US HWY 40
Historic Route US HWY 40
Historic Highway 40 can act as a more scenic alternative to traveling on Interstate 80. Highway 40 is only a two-lane road, fairly windy in places, and has a much slower speed limit than the Interstate, however there are many places along the drive that are worthy of a quick stop. During the summer months the road drives right along Donner Lake, with access to many public docks and beaches; in the winter Highway 40 reaches numerous sledding and skiing locations: downhill, and cross country. While the highway makes a nice drive through both new and old Truckee, it also passes by many pull offs and small parking lots with lookouts over Donner Lake and the surrounding valley. I often times choose this slower alternative through the Donner area to the interstate, because it passes by quite a few gas stations before connecting back up to I-80 on my way home to Reno. And if you ever find yourself stuck in traffic, trying to get over The Donner Pass in the snow, Highway 40 can often times serve as an alternate route, but only if you’re driving a 4 Wheel Drive vehicle with chains or snow tires, of course. -Lauren Randolph

tire chain alternatives
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