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cheap tires free shipping - Kumho Ecsta
Kumho Ecsta AST KU25 All-Season Tire - 195/50R15 82HR
Kumho Ecsta AST KU25 All-Season Tire - 195/50R15  82HR
The Ecsta AST combines exotic appearance, modern tread design and technology in one low-profile package, while delivering all-season, high performance grip and handling to the entry-level tuner enthusiast. An advanced belt package design is constructed using high-tensile steel belt and jointless nylon cap ply to reinforce the tread area, assuring high speed stability, while an ultra-hard bead filler maximizes lateral grip and high speed durability. The AST’s shoulder blocks feature a sharp leading edge and a rounded trailing edge to prevent heel and toe wear. The leading edge increases wet and snow traction by cutting through ice and water film. A rim protector in the lower sidewall safeguards wheel against scratches and abrasions.

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Lego iPod Dock 004
Lego iPod Dock 004
I got bored and was tired of the standard iPod disconnect procedure: squeeze and pull. And not showing off my toy for the world to see. Then I remembered a Lego dock for Nintendo DS that I saw on the internet. So I pulled out an old, dusty Lego set and put this together. Yeah, it doesn't look nearly as good as the iPod, but it works and was free. Heck of a lot better than nearly $40 dollars. I may eventually get the dock if I decide I want to use one of the dock-only features like the remote control, but until then, this is just fine. The two things at back swivel, so It should accomadate most iPod sizes, but I've only tested it with my 30GB iPod Video.
Front view with iPod connected.
Dollar posters on Amazon anyone? Just search "posters" on Amazon (or something more creative) and scan for one you like! They are cheap and you may get free shipping for being a student. Another cool aspect about this set up? The pictures are hanging from the ceiling by clothes pins (that can be found at any craft store). This makes them easily replaceable after you get tired of the set you have up. Or just in case you have a surprise relative, you quickly put up a picture of the two of you to make them look special ;)

cheap tires free shipping
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