Investing In Alternate Energy

investing in alternate energy
    alternate energy
  • Alternative energy is an umbrella term that refers to any source of usable energy intended to replace fuel sources without the undesired consequences of the replaced fuels.
  • Devote (one's time, effort, or energy) to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result
  • the act of investing; laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit
  • (invest) endow: give qualities or abilities to
  • Expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial schemes, shares, or property, or by using it to develop a commercial venture
  • Buy (something) whose usefulness will repay the cost
  • (invest) make an investment; "Put money into bonds"
investing in alternate energy - Alternative Energy
Alternative Energy For Dummies
Alternative Energy For Dummies
Get the truth about alternative energy and make it part of your life
Want to utilize cleaner, greener types of energy? This plain-English guide clearly explains the popular forms of alternative energy that you can use in your home, your car, and more. Separating myth from fact, this resource explores the current fossil fuel conundrum, the benefits of alternatives, and the energy of the future, such as hydrogen and fuel cell technology.
The ABCs of alternative energy — what it is, how it works, and what the real costs are
Where we are now — learn where our current energy comes from and how much longer it will last
Take the first step — see how energy efficiency and conservation can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels
Grasp the alternatives — from nuclear power to geothermal energy to wood burning, understand the benefits that alternative energy can have on the nation
Apply alternative fuels to transportation — from biofuels to exotic propulsion to electricity, see how they are best used and how hybrid, all-electric, and fuel cell–powered vehicles work
Get a peek into the future — see what the outlook holds for each form of alternative energy discussed
Open the book and find:
The pros and cons of alternative energy
A review of the current world energy economy
The problems with fossil fuels, from smog to global warming
Advantages of alternative energy
Practical results of alternatives you can use in daily life
Guidelines for investing in alternative energy vehicles
Ten ways you can bring about change right now
Insight into the future of energy production — and how you can invest in it

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it would be remiss of me not to share an exploration with you, my fellow lovers of energy and all its appliances and applications!!!
it would be remiss of me not to share an exploration with you, my fellow lovers of energy and all its appliances and applications!!!
in 2002, just after the pushing forward of the kyoto treaty, heavy tax decreases were allotted to the nuclear power industry in japan. this industry, like any major energy cartel/corporation, has invisible powers and strangleholds that appear to pull the puppet strings of the ministers and other important movers and shakers. indeed, it got so bad in 1998 they had to literally disassemble and rename the "PNC", a process which is popular in this industry of perpetual shame. hmmm, what's it called now? i will give you a hint: it's gone through two subsequent name changes since then. in 1954, japan began its nuclear energy program under the guise of being non-militaristic. but this did not keep u.s. vendors from working out their grand weapon design schemes and then having the japanese workers translate them into other uses. there was a bridge of design and creation work that was deemed fair play, but was not overly addressed by the anti-nuclear population or fairly presented to the general public. big companies that we have all heard about, mitsubishi and hitachi and toshiba et al, actually all produced/produce light water reactors. they work/have worked hand in hand with the "ever-changing" face of japan's nuclear energy program. but let's imagine things in some kind of relevant order. imagine living where you are almost entirely dependent on outside forces for your energy. in japan's case, in 1974, they were 66% dependent on the middle east. now, they are only 11% dependent and produce 30% of their own needs using nuclear power designs which they also sell to east asia and collaborate with european labs. as a prototype, japan is a working model for how a larger country which is also dependent upon a foreign source for fuel, can restructure its interior power very quickly. imagine a country like the u.s. suddenly turning all of its own energy focus away from the middle east and adopting a neo-fascist outlook toward the proliferation of nuclear power. the new reactors are much more efficient and deal better with waste. that's what they say. they are called fast breed reactors. now, don't get me wrong. i'm against nuclear weapons. anything that is nuclear is, by definition, a weapon. so that's why i'm against nuclear power. recent tragedies will bring a lot of these topics presented here into a sort of gauzy, hollywood, "here comes global tv" kind of way. the tragedy of it all is so powerfully overwhelming. but the world response to the incident of nuclear weapons/power, is what's really at stake here. and the political ramifications of the kyoto treaty. ALL of these issues will grow more forefront in the same way that the media poker chips like gay marriage and legalizing marijuana and immigration issues are used in the united states to replace the lack luster predecessors like abortion rights and death penalty protests. this is the skill of the "division equals conquered" agenda. but to create the massive proliferation of nuclear energy, there needs to be a competition staged within the energy industry -- and the combatants are now both center stage in the world news. this is nuclear versus petroleum. in this case, energy usage rights become a world war of some form. and, i know most of us would probably rather see the war unfold peacefully. and we know the peaceful solution will be to adopt high-level proliferation of nuclear power. the alternative is too unthinkable, though it might be manufactured anyway by an alternate, non-involved party with its own issues unchecked. personally, i think nuclear energy will benefit radically from this historical disaster for humankind and japan. i think there will be no direct results of danger from this incident that prove any kind of harm. i think it will lead to the planned massive proliferation. and just because i'm against the proliferation of all nuclear energy doesn't mean i'm against the people who are proliferating. i see their intentions and the hopefulness of their intentions and then the sad reality of their intentions. and i see them stuffing cash in their pockets and being proud of themselves for finally having arrived and being monied and feeling fabulously ego-identified. but everybody dies. it doesn't really matter how so much. really, most of us spend time thinking about why, not how. so if we all end up embracing nuclear radiation, all i can say is that i've been telling you for what seems like years now on this stream that if you can, invest in atomic waste. find the darkest, blackest hole of energy waste you can find and put your last bottom dollar on bust. you will be a king! in societies that value over-production, toxic uberwaste is the final product.
No one needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one.
No one needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one.
Day 44: Granted, it was only a four-day weekend, but it was so long overdue it might as well have been a whole two weeks. The cottage was exhausting, and my hopes of a restful break at my sister's were dashed by a very energetic kitten. Dear Wally: you owe me at least thirteen hours of uninterrupted sleep :P And of course, coming back to work today was brutal. Between rebills, timesheets, kitties and Flickr, I am plain worn out. I've spent the last few hours alternating between work-work and Flickr work (I was a week behind; I really need to invest in the pro) and all of a sudden realized I was short a picture for today. Lacking both inspiration and energy at this time of night, I found the best representation I could. Tired and fuzzy, that's me! I promise to do better tomorrow :)

investing in alternate energy
investing in alternate energy
Clever Catch, Alternate Energy
Clever Catch: Alternative Energy - With 90 facts about Alternative Energy, this version of the popular Clever Catch game provides an excellent way for children to learn about energy resources and the environment. -- To play, students simply toss the ball to one another and answer the problem under your left thumb. Each problem is numbered and enclosed in its own space assuring the child will know which problem to answer. Answers are provided in an insert for independent play by students. Clever Catch can be used at school in organized classroom activities, in small or large groups, and even on the playground or at home! -- Alternative Energy Clever Catch is an interesting and fun way for students and teachers to learn about alternative energy resources that are available or may become available to us in the future. Includes game suggestions and a complete list of all the questions. A great way to review! -- Two or more players.