Black car carpet. Quality persian rugs.

Black Car Carpet

black car carpet
    black car
  • (Black Cars) Black Cars is the eighth album by Gino Vannelli released in 1985. Co-produced with his brothers Joe and Ross, the album has a distinctive 80s sound with heavy use of Yamaha keyboards and synthesizers. It produced two hit singles in the title track and "Hurts to be in Love".

Elvis Presley's 1970 Stutz Blackhawk Prototype
Elvis Presley's 1970 Stutz Blackhawk Prototype
This is a photo that I took of Elvis Presley's 1970 Stutz Blackhawk prototype. The Stutz Blackhawk was built on a Pontiac Grand Prix chassis in the United States and then was transported to Italy where it was converted by hand. This particular car was one of only two prototypes of this car that were ever produced (the first being owned and operated by the Stutz Blackhawk founder). It was also the first car of its kind that was ever sold. Elvis purchased the car on October 9, 1970 for $26,500.00. After purchasing the car, he had it customized even further.
Nice butt.....
Nice butt.....
On of the reasons I fell for this car... I unfortunately sold it half a year ago... :-(

black car carpet
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