Caribou horse rugs. Carpet making.

Caribou Horse Rugs

caribou horse rugs
    horse rugs
  • (Horse rug) A horse blanket or rug is a blanket or animal coat intended for keeping a horse warm or otherwise protected from wind or other elements.
  • A large North American reindeer
  • Caribou is the 8th studio album by British singer/songwriter Elton John, released in 1974 (see 1974 in music). It was John's 4th chart-topping album in the U.S. and his 3rd in the U.K.
  • The reindeer (Rangifer tarandus), also known as the caribou in North America, is a deer from the Arctic and Subarctic, including both resident and migratory populations.
  • Arctic deer with large antlers in both sexes; called `reindeer' in Eurasia and `caribou' in North America
caribou horse rugs - Swim
With its absorption of club culture sounds weaved within subtle pop frameworks, Swim is Caribou's masterpiece the record he's wanted to bring to fruition for as long as he's been making music. A Canadian from small-town Ontario now based in England, Snaith has been a leading figure in electronic music over the past decade. He surprised critics and fans with 2007's Andorra, a brilliant, electro-tinged pop breakthrough with a timeless grace that made most year-end "Best of" lists and won Canada's prestigious Polaris Music Prize.

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Horse Rugs
Horse Rugs
Winter's on the way, last night the horses wore their rugs for the first time this year.
Weatherbeeta Winter Rug
Weatherbeeta Winter Rug
Classic Navy and Green, never out of fashion!

caribou horse rugs
caribou horse rugs
Sleigh Bells. Multi-tracked, bombastic drums. Gentle falsettos. Flutophone. Flutophone? Just some of what you'll encounter in the first few minutes of Andorra. For those unaware, Andorra is a small country nestled between Spain and France, and Caribou is one Don Snaith, formerly known as Manitoba (he switched names after threat of lawsuit by ex-pro wrestler Richard "Handsome Dick" Manitoba. No joke.). Andorra continues Snaith's trajectory since 2003's Up in Flames, when he shed the IDM and electronic cocoon of his earlier work for the sun-soaked psychedelic maelstrom (and live band) that continues to date. Snaith has found a new level of focus within the confines of his swirling laboratory and the result is an exhausting slab of avant-pop. '60s grab-bag comparisons here are inevitable. "Melody Day" is remarkably like The United States of America in its soft, falsetto melody and freakbeat drums. The Silver Apples robotic bass line pop of "Sandy" gives it a mechanical propulsion that cuts through its curtains of noise. "After Hours" is Soft Machine reincarnate. "Irene" is a melancholy drum machine-backed pop tune, until it gives way to white noise (literally--or is that pink noise?). The unifier of Snaith's compositions remains the ubiquitous, multi-tracked drum onslaught, but the confidence in his vocals (and subsequently, the melodic appeal) increases with every release. The few missteps, like "Desiree," which falls flat in its meandering, do not deter the overall success of this outing. Half a century of studio experimentation has informed and enhanced the recipe for blissing out, and Caribou cooks up another batch here for your immersion. --Jason Pace

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