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Area Rug Clearance

area rug clearance
  • the distance by which one thing clears another; the space between them
  • The action or process of removing or getting rid of something or of something's dispersing
  • (in soccer and other games) A kick or hit that sends the ball out of a defensive zone
  • permission to proceed; "the plane was given clearance to land"
  • The removal of buildings, people, or trees from land so as to free it for alternative uses
  • headroom: vertical space available to allow easy passage under something
    area rug
  • A rug that covers only a part of a floor in a room
  • (Area Rugs) Rugs are also woven or felted from fibers, but are smaller than the room in which they are located, have a finished edge, and usually lie over another finished floor such as wood flooring.
  • a rug that only covers part of the floor of a room; a carpet
  • (Area Rugs) "Medium-sized rugs are ideal just about anywhere in your home or office. Whether you want to place them as an accent, or display them as a centerpiece, these rugs can meet any decorating need."

do you know what the word charismatic means?
do you know what the word charismatic means?
8/18/07. lavendar eyelet shift- ross- clearance!!!! gold doe necklace, blue bangle- thrift!!!! pucci-esque flats- old old navy missing- navy patent leather bag area rug this was taken prior to mixing up a huge vat of jungle juice with a couple of friends. some saturday nights require a trip on the jungle cruise!
Also in the Clearance room.....should have gotten one of these 22 years ago. Will eventually put an inexpensive area rug under it.

area rug clearance
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