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cheap rugs sale
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cheap rugs sale - Anji Mountain
Anji Mountain Bamboo Chairmat & Rug Co. 7-Foot-by-10-Foot Silky Shag Rug, Black
Anji Mountain Bamboo Chairmat & Rug Co. 7-Foot-by-10-Foot Silky Shag Rug, Black
Anji Mountain Bamboo Chairmat & Rug Co. Silky Shag rugs are uniquely stylish and beautiful. These rugs are incredibly soft with a natural sheen similar to cashmere and silk. Plush chenille shag area rug made of 80% bamboo-derived rayon/20% cotton blend with cotton/natural latex backing. Minimal initial shedding as compared to wool shags so your floors and living area stay clean. Dense pile provides luxurious style and silky soft fee. lAvailable in Ivory, Beige, Coffee Bean, Crimson and Black. Sizes include 3-foot by 5-foot, 4-foot by 6-foot, 5-foot by 8-foot, 8-foot round and 8-foot by 10-foot.

Give your feet a feel-good gift with a plush shag rug by Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Company. Available in a range of sizes and colors, each rug is made of an 80% bamboo-derived rayon/20% cotton blend with a 100% cotton backing. These rugs are deliciously soft to the touch, and the dense shag fibers look irresistibly inviting and feel just as wonderful on bare feet. Grown in the Anji Mountains of China, unique for its lengthy annual freeze, this blend containing bamboo-derived rayon is particularly strong and durable for many years of top performance. The area rugs come in Coffee Bean, Latte, Ivory, Black, Beige, Sage, Pewter, Merlot, and Crimson. Sizes are 4-feet-by-6-feet, 5-feet-by-8-feet, and 7-feet-by-10 feet; size choices may vary by color. Minimum initial shedding is normal; vacuum regularly. A rug pad is recommended. --Kara Karll

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cheap rugs sale
cheap rugs sale
2'6 x 10'0 Handmade Tufted Persian Sultanabad New Area Rug From India - 62749
New Handmade Tufted Persian Sultanabad 2'6 x 10'0 Runner Area Rug from India with Wool pile. When we think of Persian rugs, we usually think of intricate curvilinear designs; however, Persian styles are the most diverse styles worldwide. There are over fifty different Persian styles woven in Iran and other countries such as India, Pakistan, China, and some European countries. Some well-known Persian styles include Afshar, Arak, Ardabil, Bakhtiari, Bijar, Esfahan, Farahan, Ghouchan, Hamadan, Heriz, Joshaghan, Kashan, Kerman, Kermanshah, Lilian, Malayer, Mashad, Nain, Najafabad, Natanz, Qashghai, Qazvin, Qum, Ravar, Sabzevar, Sarab, Saruk, Senneh, Serapi, Shiraz, Sultanabad, Tabriz, Tehran, Varamin, Yazd and Zanjan.

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