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Pro Hockey Life Online Store

pro hockey life online store
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pro hockey life online store - Drawn to
Drawn to Life: Next Chapter
Drawn to Life: Next Chapter
Experience an all-new Drawn to Life adventure in the first Wii game that lets you draw your own hero! Play as your hero and use the Wii Remote to draw customizable weapons and tools designed to help you stop an evil thief before it’s too late!

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter for Nintendo Wii is a unique action/adventure platforming game that delivers a creative experience unlike any other game out there. The third Drawn to Life game overall, and the first for Wii, in it players literally create everything used in the game by simply drawing what they need. This includes everything from items, weapons and the game hero himself or herself, resulting in a level of customization rarely seen. Improvements over the first two games include multiplayer support, innovative new action drawing feature and enhanced drawing tools.
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter game logo
The Ant Hero from Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter
Create your own game hero however you choose.
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In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter for Wii, players will draw their own heroes using the Wii Remote to find the Artifacts of Power and rid the Raposa village of an evil, shadowy figure that has taken over the land. Throughout the game, players will draw more than 100 unique items from robust drawing tools, such as vehicles, weapons and tools, to conquer their enemies. The all-new Action Drawing tool allows for objects to be drawn directly into the game to help navigate through several environments, including a sky world, a jungle and a shadow city. In addition, the game's multiplayer feature will allow players to draw their team members and equipment to compete against others in a variety of mini-games, such as soccer, hockey and basketball.
Key Game Features
Customize Your Hero and Game Universe - Draw your own hero and create over 100 unique items though out the game such as vehicles, a sword and wings.
Create Without Limits - Explore your artistic freedom with robust drawing tools that provide you with many templates, colors, brush types, guides and stamps. You can quickly draw a simple figure or create a masterpiece.
Action Drawing - Draw objects directly into the gameplay to help you advance through the levels. Special ink powers mean drawing with certain colors gives your creations unique properties.
Extensive Action-Adventure Gameplay - Journey through 4 unique worlds, each with a different style of play including skating and flying.
Play with Friends - Draw your team’s players, equipment and more as you compete against friends and family in multiplayer mini games including Soccer, Hockey and Basketball.

Additional Screenshots:
Volcanic game setting in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

Fantastic game settings.
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Platforming action in the form of a panda in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

Platforming fun.
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Close up character customization in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

Detailed customization.
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Multiplayer hockey game in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

Multiplayer support.
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pro hockey life online store
pro hockey life online store
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