How To Clean Dog Urine From Carpet. Cleaning Tarnished Metal.

How To Clean Dog Urine From Carpet

how to clean dog urine from carpet
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Urine Control
Urine Control
I have been saving my urine for the past few weeks. There are lots of applications for it. Urine makes a excellent pesticide, insecticide, and fertilizer. Today I was using it to kill weeds by giving them pure undiluted piss. If you want to use urine as a fertilizer be sure to dilute with 8 parts water per one part urine and do not pour it directly on plants. Urine can be used very efficiently with grey water for plant irrigation.
Urine collection in Ede (Netherlands)
Urine collection in Ede (Netherlands)
Urine is collected in those green 1 L bottles on the right. Note that as we have separate garbage collection for paper (blue bin), organic waste (brown bin) and other waste (green bin), we can also have separate collection of urine (and faeces). The urine was collected by a company who purified a fertility hormone from it (urine from pregnant women in first trimester contains elevated levels of fertility hormone hCG).

how to clean dog urine from carpet
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