Welcome to the Area 3 website.  This site is for the use of coaches from Southern California Debate League (SCDL), Tri-County Forensic League (TCFL), and Western Bay Forensic League.  It is a work in progress, so feel free to email me with your suggestions.  I'm Kathy Graber, Area 3 Chair and co-president of TCFL.  I am very interested to hear your ideas about improving all things related to Speech & Debate, especially ways to support your programs and enhance your state tournament experience.  On this site you are able to check your school's CHSSA membership status, your league's state event allocations, inform yourself about upcoming legislation to be voted on by the CHSSA general council, and acquaint yourself with new bylaws, best practices, etc.  There are also links to the state website, and to each league website.

As Area 3 chair, I represent your voice on the CHSSA council.  If you feel strongly about pending votes, I urge you to email me with your opinions, questions, and concerns.  This site is not intended as a coach's forum, but I welcome your views in email form.  I will respond!  I encourage you to bookmark (area3.chssa.org) and check the site often, as it will evolve and hopefully become a useful tool.

Deadline Reminder: $100 CHSSA dues due December 1st.  Payment must be accompanied by 2 copies of the Assessment Form signed by both coach and principal.