Netcam Server - Webcam Embedded NetServer

That will be interesting if we can browse the webcam image from internet.     That means , the webcam image from a lab , entrance of a door , traffic on the street , current weather , mountain view , dock view , and etc. can be monitored from internet.

You can use your way to turn on your webcam.    Since I'm no good in this , so I just find an easy way to do that.     The tutorial link can be found below and it is called OpenCV.
Since we already be able to upload an image to a web browser , why don't we upload the image from a webcam?    
The tools that been used here for turning on a webcam is OpenCV.  

The tutorial about how to install and use OpenCV can be found here.

Screen shot of Netcam Server

The Features Of Arduino Netcam Server
  1. A compact Web Server is embedded into Arduino Netcam Server 
  2. It does not need to install any extra software such as apache and IIS to make it work
  3. Send Data to Web Server (for control something in the server , such as an electronic device that connect to the server)
  4. Get information from Web Server (get the status of Web Server from internet , Web Server can also collect information from an electronic device)
  5. Send Live Webcam Image to internet browser
  6. Tested on WinXP SP2 and Firefox 3.6.3
  7. Use keyboard [f] turn on a camera , [d] camera recording , [s] capture an image 4915k Download

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