Setup A Virtual Server In The Router

Usually , there's a router connect to the modem so you can have more than one PC go online in the same time.      When you use a router without setup a DMZ , your PC will be also protected by the router for direct access from internet.     In the meanwhile , the router will block the connections without authentication.     

So , you need to setup the router , tell it which inbound port on the router is opening for internet connection.     Then which port it should forward after got the request from internet.

Inbound Port is the port on the router for listening the connection request from Internet.    When you try to connect to a custom Web Server , you should assign a inbound port (say 1999)on the router for listening.    Then setup the router if got requests from port 1999 , forward them to your PC's internal  IP and port(Defined in your Web Server Program).    

Say , if you have a wireless router with four ethernet ports , then you try to connect to the internet by both of wireless and ethernet port.     Your DHCP of the router may assign two internal IPs to your PC , one for wireless ( the other for ethernet port (     If you set the listening port of your Web Server on the PC to 1200 , the configuration for the router is :
  • Set Inbound Port to 1999 for the router's IP on the internet
  • Forward it to your PC's internal IP and listening port like this :
In your web browser , enter either or http://Router_IP:1999/ will connect to your web server.

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