Arduino NetServer

This website , Arduino NetServer , demonstrates a simple way to achieve Internet Controlled Arduino(Electronics , Embedded System with Microcontroller Unit).
     This allows people be able to remote control their Arduino Projects(or Electronic Projects) via Internet.
       Which means , any user in the world , be able to use a Internet Web Browser ( Such as Firefox , IE ) to Monitor and Control their Electronic Projects( Here uses Arduino Projects ).

To achieve Internet Controlled Electronics , in the other words , the main functions of Arduino NetServer are :
  1. Web Server
  2. Serial Port Communication
Web Server handles the communication between your PC and Internet User.   Serial Port will be the interface between your Arduino (electronics) Project and PC.    This is how you control / monitor electronics from internet.   With this simple homemade Web Server function , the user does not need to install any other heavy software for Web Server.

The tutorial of how to make your own Web Server can be found here.   If you wanna DIY your homemade Web Server , feel free to check it out.
The tutorial of Win32 Serial Port Programming can be found here.     This is for the communication from your PC to your Electronics Controller , such as Arduino.

The reasons and examples for making the Electronic Projects be able to Monitor / Control online could be :
  • There's a simple job need to be done or monitored in a remote place which you can not or do not wanna go there once a while.
  • The Webcams all over the world , which could be installed on the street , on the mountain , in a harbor , or on a ferry.     People probably don't wanna check them out one by one just for adjust their view angle.
  • Building Automation.     Monitoring the room temperature , humidity , air quality.   Controlling the Lights , open / close windows , lock the doors.     Controlling the ventilation , boiler.
So make them online , then monitor and control them from the Internet! 

Screenshot-1 - Arduino NetServer (Netcam Server Ver.)

This is another example.    I use this Arduino NetServer to make a Internet Controlled Vehicle.
It features :
  - The vehicle with analog control about For/Backward , Left/Right Steering
  - A robotic arm controlled by 2 servos hook on the vehicle
  - The arm hold a flashlight which can also be turn ON/OFF by Arduino
  - The vehicle is fully controlled by Arduino which talk to PC wireless by XBee
  - Arduino NetServer allows Internet User fully control the Vehicle by an Internet Browser
  - The user can monitor the battery status of the Vehicle online

The General Idea demonstrates here is :
  1. Homemade a compact Web Server(Arduino NetServer) on a PC
  2. This Web Server accepts requests from Internet User in the world
  3. Web Server talk to Arduino(MCU) via USB Port(using VCP of FTDI)
  4. Arduino generates outputs to control electronics and collect inputs then send the information back to Web Server Program
  5. Web Server collect information from Arduino , then report status to Internet User

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[ Acknowledgement ]

Special thanks to Cara did the the remote control test for me from the other side of internet.

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