ArduinoFocus Project Tracking Workspace

This page describes how to make an computer controller motorized focusing aid for an astronomical telescope.

Development pages:

  • Technical                        - Technical development blog
  • Robofocus Protocol      - Technical details on the communication protocol
  • Optec TCF-S Protocol  - Technical details on the communication protocol
  • Mechanical                     - Technical details on the stepper engine and telescope focus system

Project Objectives

The aim is to make a device that is technically simple and accessible to a large group of people with diverse technical backgrounds.

Main objectives:
  • Use Arduino micro controller board.                                                                       (done)
  • Use AdaFruit AFmotor shield.                                                                               (done)
  • Compatible with Robofocus communication protocol.                                              (done)
  • Backlash compensation.                                                                                      (done)
  • Temperature compensation.                                                                                  (done)
  • Make firmware ´multitasking´                                                                                 (done)
  • Well documented.                                                                                                (never really done)
Secondary objectives:
  • extend robofocus communication protocol to do more tasks with the arduino board.    (80% done)
  • extra´s like : Filter wheel, auto guiding interface, etc...                                              (in progress)
  • Dewpoint alarm, and Dewheater control with 'safe' PID loop                                       (in progress)
  • Ramping of motor speed.                                                                                       (done)
  • Manual control of stepper , with rotary dial.                                                              (done)