ARD sponsors two Projects:
  • Evaluaid monitors and evaluates the impact of relief and development programs in conflict regions, as a means of reviewing both the positive and the unintended consequences of intervention. As a form of policy review, it considers how standards might be introduced to insure local compensatory mechanisms are not disrupted by the agenda of donors, and enlightens policymakers about the effectiveness of their programs. It also reveals how resource allocation by donors can empower various local groups in a way that detracts from national consensus and institution building, fragmenting development outcomes.
  • Artisanaid helps local artisans and craftsmen in conflict regions to produce and promote their crafts and artwork in order to raise revenue that benefits the entire community and to assure the cultural preservation of traditional heritage.  Since conflict regions often suffer from disruption to normal economic activity and isolation from outside markets, this effort attempts to create an alternative income for families under stress. It also enables those who are unable to visit the area to learn about and enjoy the beautiful creativity still produced by people in conflict regions.