ARDCR is a U.S.-registered non-profit organization committed to facilitating the exchange of technical information and capacity-building techniques in order to assess and improve relief and development interventions in conflict regions. By establishing a dialogue of policy and program review, practitioners can examine comprehensively new trends  through comparative analyses of what they have achieved in multiple settings. We do this through two approaches: the Agency for Relief and Development Network and Resource Center and the Conflict Resolution Initiative.
Network and Resource Centre
Established in 1983, ARD seeks to bring together relief and development organizations, research institutes, and individuals working in the field in a cooperative effort to analyze and devise more effective strategies for programs in conflict regions. Incorporating anthropological methods with technical assistance, ARD assists local governments, agencies and NGOs in developing their capacity to deliver services.
Through comparative studies of projects and their success, ARD attempts to outline the principles of ethical and effective interventions with realistic objectives that neither disrupt local compensatory mechanisms nor foster dependence on outside assistance.
Strategic Plans and Evaluations
As  few lessons are truly transferable between sites and cultures, ARD focuses on the specificity of the setting, and a tailored solution. In the process, the aim is to derive precepts leading to integrated efforts that introduce moderate measures compatible with a society's desire and capacity to absorb and sustain innovation. Various on-going evaluation procedures monitor the impact and interaction of project implementation and provide indicators for improvement. Foremost is the concern that aid interventions do not exacerbate the conflict.