State of Arkansas

The State of Arkansas was admitted to the Union on June 15, 1836 and seceded from that Union on May 6, 1861. Arkansas was officially admitted to the Confederacy on May 18, 1861. For 12 days we were a state without a country.

Arkansas issued a number of different series of Treasury Warrants and War Bonds during the Civil War to finance governmental operations. Documenting these issues is beyond the scope of this page but an excellent reference  that documents all know issues is A Guide Book of Southern States Currency by Hugh Shull, Copyright 2007 published by Whitman Publishing, LLC.

Listed below are some typical examples of Arkansas Treasury Warrants.

State of Arkansas One Dollar April 17, 1862. Typical example on blue/grey paper.
State of Arkansas Two dollars Treasury Warrant July 25, 1862

State of Arkansas Three Dollar Treasury Warrant April 11, 1862
State of Arkansas Five Dollar Treasury Warrant July 25, 1862. The front of this note looks "dirty" because it's printed on the back of other notes that shows through the paper. This is actually a nice note with slight fading on the front.

State of Arkansas Ten Dollars April 11, 1864. Typical example white paper.

List below is an example of an Arkansas War Bond.

War bonds were sold in a variety of denominations. This one is dated August 17, 1861 and paid 8% interest. When you purchased a war bond, you paid the State for the face value of the bond, in this case $5, then you cut out the coupons at a stated time maturity date and redeemed them for the stated amount of interest. This on paid interested every six months on January 1st and June 1st. This one paid 15 cents interest on January 1, 1862 and paid 20 cents interest every six months thereafter until it matured on July 1, 1866. All coupons are still attached.