Dr. Andrea Arcuri

Associate Professor and Software Engineer

Contact Information


E-mail : arcand@westerdals.no


After 5 years in industry (WesternGeco and Scienta/Telenor), I came back full time to academia, as Associate Professor at Westerdals, Oslo, from 1st October 2016. Since 2014, I have also been collaborating part-time as Research Fellow at the University of Luxembourg, in the SVV lab.

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Research Interests

  • Automated Software Testing
  • Search-based Software Engineering

Current Main Projects

  • EvoMaster: a tool for automatically generating system level test cases. See www.evomaster.org
  • Testing, Security and Development of Enterprise Systems: a collection of code examples to learn enterprise development. See its Github repository.

Previous Main Projects:

  • EvoSuite: a tool for generating unit tests for Java software. See www.evosuite.org

Research Activities

  • PC member and reviewer for journals in software engineering.
  • Former PhD supervision: Muhammad Zohaib Z. Iqbal, Hadi Hemmati and Shaukat Ali (all co-supervised with Prof. Lionel Briand)
  • SSBSE Steering Committee: since 2012
  • SBST Steering Committee: 2014-2016
  • ICST 2015: Tool Track Program Chair
  • SBST 2011: Program Chair
  • SSBSE 2010: Submission and Publication Chair


  • Best Paper Award at SSBSE'17 for Many Independent Objective (MIO) Algorithm for Test Suite Generation.
  • Distinguished Paper Award at SSBSE'17 for An Empirical Evaluation of Evolutionary Algorithms for Test Suite Generation.
  • IEEE Software Award at ICSE/SEIP'17 for An Industrial Evaluation of Unit Test Generation: Finding Real Faults in a Financial Application.
  • ACM Distinguished Paper Award at ASE'15 for Do Automatically Generated Unit Tests Find Real Faults? An Empirical Study of Effectiveness and Challenges.
  • Best Paper with industry-relevant SBSE results award at SSBSE'15 for Combining Multiple Coverage Criteria in Search-Based Unit Test Generation.
  • ACM Distinguished Paper Award at ASE'14 for Automated Unit Test Generation for Classes with Environment Dependencies.
  • Best testing tool (EvoSuite) at SBST tool competitions.
  • ACM Distinguished Paper Award at ISSTA'10 for Formal Analysis of the Effectiveness and Predictability of Random Testing.
  • Best PhD Paper at SBST'08 for Theoretical runtime analyses of search algorithms on the test data generation for the triangle classification problem.

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