Arctos Resources

What is Arctos? is the primary Collections Management System for the University of Alaska Museum, the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, the Museum of Southwestern Biology, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and a few smaller collections. is a parallel project at the Museum of Comparative Zoology. MCZBase is built upon a dated Arctos platform and customized for the needs of the MCZ.

Why yet another Arctos site?

Google Groups has discontinued support for Pages and Files. That content has moved here,

This site will also serve as a static repository for files and discussions relevant to Arctos usage and development.

Where to find Arctos documentation

Use the Report a bug or request support link at the bottom of any Arctos page to contact us with technical questions, suggest improvements to forms, report inoperative features, or request code table data changes or additions.

Check the sidebar to your left. Static content is archived here.

In the Arctos menus, My Stuff-->Help will find field-level help for most things. Some pages have a page-level help link, generally at the top-right. is the Arctos discussion group. Any Arctos user or potential user who wishes to influence development should become a member. Membership is by invitation only, contact us if you wish to participate. is the Arctos Procedures Manual. It is intended as a place for users to document Procedures. Send a message to if you wish to participate. All Arctos users should be familiar with this material.

Arctos code lives at

Arctos issues, primarily after distillation through the Arctos group, are tracked with Google Code Issue Tracking. You must be a member to receive notifications about issues that you have filed or that have been filed on your behalf. Send a message to to join. is the developer group.  Contact us to subscribe.

Barcode collaboration is recorded right here in a Google Doc.