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  • NSIDC Charctic interactive Arctic/Antarctic sea ice graph
  • NSIDC Greenland Ice Sheet surface melt extent graph
  • NSIDC Browse Image Subset Tool (BIST)
Sea ice concentration
Sea ice extent & area
                  Sea surface temperature

DMI Daily Arctic mean temperatures north of 80N
Surface air temperature
 operational data, 1985-1996 baseline
Temperature 1-day anomaly
 reanalysis data, 1981-2010 baseline
Temperature 7-day anomaly
 reanalysis data, 1981-2010 baseline
Temperature 30-day anomaly
Sea level pressure & jet stream

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Jet Stream hind/forecast animation:


 Melting momentum

Buoys & sea ice drift
 Sea ice thickness, volume & age

Greenland ice
 Snow cover