The Sauna & Bathing services of the Finnish Lapland, with the transport included. The Sauna and bathing service in the evening is about 3-4 hours programme totally. The transport from Rovaniemi. Includes the drinks in the Sauna and eating before or after the Sauna. Also the cold swimming experience teaching, and renting of Kayaks and Canoes through the cooperation enterprice by extra charge during the summer time. 
The Sauna and cold swimming is 110 € / person / day, but if you combine it with other activities such as trail riding, snowmobiling or ice fishing you get -50% of the Sauna service.
 2-4 participants, any bigger groups to another cooperation enterprice by extra charge.
The summer time tent Sauna for 2-4 people in one group 110 € / person with the eating and drinks included, the bigger groups in two separate groups of 2-4 people meanwhile the others are having the dinner or lunch by the camp fire or being with horses etc. any other programme dealt for the bigger groups.