Trail riding safaris in the nature, suitable also for the beginners. Including 
the snacks after the ride for every 2 hour's rides and more. The transport included, as well as the winter wear / safety wear. Any bigger groups more than 8 people must take a car rental as an extra charge.
Longer over night trips within the Sauna services included, as well as the daily meals.
The reservations rather a few days before the ride. The stable is open by request, and all the safaris are done by request. Every other week over night trails, every other week the day time trips, mostly. Camps and several days rides every other week. Mostly the week days we ride from 4 Pm until 8 pm, and the weekends and holidays from 9 am until 8 pm.

Book the riding tours by email: or phone / text message +358.400.58.38.59. In case I don't have the time to answer immediately, I call you back as soon as possible.

The pick up service for maximum 8 people and the riding / transports / eating + guiding during the ride, starting from your hotel or place in Rovaniemi:
110 € / person for the 1,5-2 hour's rides, minimum 2 participants.
Any bigger groups than 8 people we rent a bus by extra charge.

Riding for those who come to the stables by their own transport:
The normal riding lessons are 45 € / hour. We will ride eather in the nature, or another choice is to have a lesson in a longing-line on the field. 1 hour riding lesson does not include eating.
The riding tours are in 3 different stables, so make sure the address of the stable at first before driving yourself. The main stables are now in Haarainvaarantie 592, 97320 Marrasjärvi. 68 km from Rovaniemi.

Possibilities for Air B&B, sauna, cold swimming and ice fishing / fishing, or northern lights & midnight sun tours combined with the ride. As well as carriage and sleigh driving, skiing and snowboarding and skijoring tours combined. All the combined tours are 150 € / person with the transports and eating included. 
The over night trips are always with sauna or other services combined to the tour: 280 € / two days and 1 night with all the daily meals included. Minimum 2 participants.

Tuulia and Juha - the owners of the horses have the liability insurance, which covers the functioning of the guide and horses. The riders must have their own personal travel or free time insurances for the riding as a sport activity with animals.

Welcome to ride in the wilderness of Lapland!

The other Trip Advisor page is when booking also the night time to spend in the Finnish cottage house near the horses:

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