Watch reindeers in local reindeer farm and buy the tours between 30-65 € / person by extra charge to the reindeer owner. We do  the transports if the other programs are included such as riding or ice fishing or sauna tours, then it is 150 € / person with a combined tour, 30MIN riding and 30 min in the reindeer farm + the transport back, other than that if you wish only the reindeer tour you can visit the local reindeer farms by yourself by renting a car, such as Poropekan pirtti or Santa Claus reindeer etc. All together about 3 -4 hours tour.
Pay and confirm the combined tours in the tourist office, in Maakuntakatu , Lordi's square in Rovaniemi within the Sampo shopping center. 
If you wish only the reindeer tours without any other services such as the transports and pick nick lunch or horse's tours, then the best way is to rent your own car and deal with the local farms straight , as we don't have the reindeers on our farm, only horses, and sheep on the next farm's barn.
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