Ice Fishing Tour or the Summer fishing with lunch or dinner and Sauna: 110 € / person including the transport, minimum 2 participants, any bigger groups than 4 people we rent a minibus or a bus by extra charge.
Cold swimming possibility, ice-swimming or snow swimming with the sauna. These all are with the transport included, and the meal, winter wear and safety wear,all together 4 hour's tour to the Lapland rural area.
Water jets tours with the transports and safety wear included 220e per person. Ask more by email. 

Other services by 

The bus tours driving / guiding and renting of the busses + lorry & truck driving with the horses by extra charge. Big busses, such as 30-60 pax rental tour is about 800e per daily tours, smaller bus prices variate between 450-550e daily tours up to 16 pax.

Snowmobiling during the winter, and water jets during the summer time from the rental company in Muurola. Extra charge for the insurance's when you are driving the snowmobile, water jet or quad bike on your own. Starting from 220 € per person and sign the own insurance charge if you drive the snowmobile or water jet by yourself. Including the transport for 1-4 people, groups of 5-10 people by extra charge. Payment beforehand to the tourist office in Lordi's square in Rovaniemi.

Ski and snowboard joring behind the horse 45 € / hour, 
or with the transport, lunch or dinner and riding included 110 € / person all together 4-5 hour's programme service.
Ask more by email

Notice that we have the liability insurance but any rider or tour participant must have their own personal travel or free time insurances.