Cool fridge magnets : Fridge freeze.

Cool Fridge Magnets

cool fridge magnets
    fridge magnets
  • A refrigerator magnet is an ornament, often whimsical, attached to a small magnet which is used to post items such as shopping lists or report cards on a refrigerator, or which simply serves as decoration.
  • (fridge magnet) a wheel sucker, someone who does no work at the front.
  • Become or cause to become calm or less excited
  • Behave in a less excitable manner
  • neither warm nor very cold; giving relief from heat; "a cool autumn day"; "a cool room"; "cool summer dresses"; "cool drinks"; "a cool breeze"
  • Become or cause to become less hot
  • make cool or cooler; "Chill the food"
  • the quality of being at a refreshingly low temperature; "the cool of early morning"
cool fridge magnets - Peace Sign
Peace Sign Magnets - Set of 4
Peace Sign Magnets - Set of 4
These Peace Sign Magnets are perfect for your refrigerator your child's locker or any other magnetic surface. Use the set of four magnetic clips to post a note hold photos in place or take it off the refrigerator and use it as a bag clip. Make your refrigerator a little bit more fun with these cool fridge magnets. Peace Sign Magnets Features Set of four clip magnets. Great for your refrigerator locker and more. The clip and magnet combination is great for holding multiple small items. Great way to make your refrigerator a little bit more exciting.

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COOL FRIDGE MAGNETS the ultimate!!
COOL FRIDGE MAGNETS the ultimate!!
These "refrgerator magnets" are actually real used license plates, full sized. The ME is a German dealer plate that will just sticks onto the car and is removed then the car reaches is destination. Usually German dealer plates are metal, this is a used one and the only one I have seen. The other "H" is a Dutch temporary license plate. Dutch temporary plates are also made mostly of metal. Stick and pull. Great for the car! Great for the fridge. MOST people hang their old plates in the garage but these you can put 'em on your car and put on your fridge at night.
Canada via Fridge Magnets
Canada via Fridge Magnets
My daughter made this cool collage of Canadian fridge magnets (I collect them). Although actually there are three magnets from the US and one from the UK. Can you spot them?

cool fridge magnets