This Mini–Course consists of four activities that will provide sequentially–structured learning experiences for educators. 
The content of these courses focuses on 21st Century skills and STEM+ education.

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Arctic Ecosystem Exploration
  • Discover the key aspects of different biomes and ecosystems, with a focus on the Arctic Tundra, through a multimedia exploration including photo galleries, online activities, and a live webcast from the Tundra. Join the Tundra Connections Academy Google+ community to discuss the application of these concepts in your classrooms.

   Arctic Documentary Project and Climate Change Impacts

  • Learn about the Arctic Documentary Project and how scientists, explorers and photographers document change over time. Gain an overview of how the Arctic ecosystem impacts climate on the planet. Explore the changes in Arctic sea ice due to climate change and how climate change impacts ecosystems around the world. Use web 2.0 tools and explore historical and relevant maps with satellite imagery.

   Citizen Science: Making a Difference

  • Understand the importance and impact of Citizen Science projects for students through an activity related to polar bears. Analyze polar bear body condition to better understand the impact of changing climate on this Arctic keystone species. In the Tundra Connections Academy Google+ Community, share reflections on techniques for integrating Citizen Science projects into the classroom. Resources for other Citizen Science projects will be shared.
   Connecting Ecosystems Around the World
  • Explore different ecosystems (African Savannah, Galapagos, Pantanal Wetlands, and the Rocky Mountains), then compare and contrast basic elements of those ecosystems. Create a lesson plan with a focus on one or more ecosystems through the lens of climate change. Reflections on what is learned throughout the course will also be part of this activity. As an option, participants may use resources from Taking It Global to connect with other educators around the world as they create their lesson. Resources and examples will be provided.


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