Canadian Tire Application : Toyo Winter Tire Review.

Canadian Tire Application

canadian tire application
    canadian tire
  • Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited is one of Canada's 35 largest publicly traded companies and operates an inter-related network of businesses engaged in retailing (hardgoods, apparel and petroleum) and services (financial and automotive).
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The Ice Explorer 1
The Ice Explorer 1
Designed and manufactured by Canadian Foremost Ltd., the Terra Bus provides all-terrain mobility to transport up to 56 passengers, Equipped with large, low pressure Terra tires, the bus can be used to transport personnel in on-road/off-road applications. Extra large side and top windows provide greater all-around visibility. Dimensions: Height: 12 ft 8 in (3.86 m) Length: 42 ft 8 in (13.0 m) Width: 11 ft 10 in (3.61 m) Weight: Tare: 43,000 lbs (19,500 kg) G.V.W.: 55,000 lbs (25,000 kg) Powertrain: Engine: DDA 6V92TA (DDEC), 253 HP (189 kW) @ 2100 RPM Transmission: Clark 34000 Series Powershift Suspension: Leaf spring - front // Walking beam - rear Axles: Rockwell Drive Steer Planetary front; Rockwell Planetary rear Tires: Goodyear Terra Tires 66 x 43.00 x 25 Brakes: Air over hydraulic front drums; air rear drums
Canadian Permit
Canadian Permit
I'm inside Canadian Tire with a Tim Horton's. I consider this my official application for citizenship, eh.

canadian tire application
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