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Baby Valentine Outfit

baby valentine outfit
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baby valentine outfit - Tell Me
Tell Me A Story White Shirt Pant Set - Baby 3-6m, L/S, Black Pants
Tell Me A Story White Shirt Pant Set - Baby 3-6m, L/S, Black Pants
This unique "Mommy, Tell Me a Story" pant set for children and "Once Upon a Time There Was a Very Tired Mommy" pajama set for mom pretty much says it all! Adorable Storytime sets for Mom, girls, boys and baby.

* Adult and Youth Sets: Blue 100% cotton long-sleeve crewneck shirt; 100% cotton flannel pants with drawstring and elastic waist, Dark Blue and Light Blue plaid print
* Child, Toddler, and Baby Sets: White 100% cotton long-sleeve crewneck shirt; solid black 100% baby-rib cotton pants, elastic waistband. Pants made in USA

Each set Sold and Priced Separately - Please add items to your shopping cart separately

** Childrens sets are designed as playwear and Not intended as sleepwear: for child's safety, garment should fit snugly. This garment is not flame resistant; loose fitting garment is more likely to catch fire.

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christmas pjs
christmas pjs
Gus had a 9-month "My First Christmas" sleeper that he had just about outgrown. Plus, Christmas is over. So I decided to deconstruct this outfit and make a new one for Valentine's Day.
valentine is spoiled rotten
valentine is spoiled rotten
auntie maggie aka keyinherpocket (of parasol doll) made valentine the *SWEETEST* little outfit!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! thank you sweetie!! xox

baby valentine outfit
baby valentine outfit
American Girl Bitty Baby "Valentine Set"
This Bitty Baby Valentine Set was made by the American GirlĀ® Company for the 15" Bitty Baby doll. (Doll & Bear NOT included). Included is cherry red DRESS embroidered with white hearts. Add a matching CAP and shiny red SHOES. Dress Bitty bear in her heart-trimmed VEST. Color the tear-out CARDS in Bitty Bear's Valentines BOOK with a set of four CRAYONS, and seal each EVELOPE with a pretty STICKER. Put your valentines in a bright red mini MAILBOX! This outfit, that is now retired, is for the 15 inch American Girl Bitty Baby Doll. ***Doll & Bear NOT included*** For age 12 and up.

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