Paris, 2nd-4th December, 2019

This meeting will be centered on questions regarding algebraic
varieties equipped with the action of an algebraic group, including
invariants defined via the associated arc spaces.  It features
research talks as well as two mini-courses of three hours each :
the first one by Ronan Terpereau on the classification of normal varieties
with a big action of a reductive algebraic group, and the second one by
Anne Moreau on motivic integrals over spherical embeddings.

To register, please send an email to hussein.mourtada at

PhD students are particularly welcome !

Organizers : David Bourqui, Hussein Mourtada, Julien Sebag.

Amdinistrators: Elodie Destrebecq, Nelly Loton

Supported by: ANR Defigeo, GDR Singularités, Université Paris 7