An extension which allows creation of map series from a single ArcMap .mxd

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DS Mapbook is a developer sample for ESRI's ArcMap which simplifies the generation of map series. Mapbook allows the creation of multiple maps from a single ArcMap .mxd file. Map series can be tiled like USGS or NTS quadrangles, discontinuous (e.g. lakes of the Yukon), or in strips (e.g. following a road). The best introduction to its features is ArcGIS Software Simplifies Map Book Generation from the summer 2002 issue of Arc User Online. The link to the sample in that article is for v8.3. For v9.2, you want to go to ArcObjects Online.

The Arcmapbook Project, this site, is an open source and volunteer effort to enhance and extend mapbook from a mere sample to a real application, thereby ensuring, one hopes, it's longevity and utility.

As of October 2011 the main additions to the original developer sample have been more documentation and easier installation for Windows 7, Vista and 64bit XP.

A couple of people have contributed code (functionality changes) that are not integrated into the main trunk (if you are a developer, please feel free to pitch in). Highlighted differences between Arcmapbook and DS Mapbook in this release are:

  • _INSTALL and _UNINSTALL updated for Win7 & Vista, though it still may not work reliably for everybody. Thank you for providing a solution.

  • _UNINSTALL.bat removes mapbook registry entries

  • register_component_category.reg modified to accommodate 64bit Windows XP

  • More documentation and tutorials

  • Organised and searchable bug list ( Don't forget to widen search to include closed issues when looking for solutions!

Mapbook does not work on Arcgis 10, and likely never will. See Mapbook and ArcGIS 10 for more information and what to use instead for creating map series (namely: use data driven pages).


So who's running the project?

Matt Wilkie - project and website administrator. Matt is not a developer though he has been known from time to time to program his way out of a (very wet) paper bag.


  • Nathan Shephard, Melanie Baker, and Larry Young of ESRI - the original authors of DS Mapbook

  • Julie Houle of Yukon Energy Mines & Resources - brought to attention code to allow Map Rotation for individual maps in the series (v9.1), original author unknown

  • DuaneWilkins from New Zealand - documentation: "Quick Guide to Map Series Maker"

  • Jerry Chase - code and documentation, "Customized DS Mapbook Manual"

  • Jason Ebersole - course material for workshop at the biennial Missouri GIS Conference, "Creating Map Books and Using Inset Map Tools"

The ArcMap Mapbook Project is an independent endeavour and not sponsored or endorsed by ESRI, although it is built on code developed by them and put out for distribution. Thank you ESRI, and especially Larry Young, the principle author of Mapbook.